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About Us

FirstAid4Farms, offers courses for agricultural workers, is not your average first aid company, all training offered is nationally recognised & certificated.

We attend farms and agricultural establishments, don’t mind getting dirty, thoroughly enjoy the chatter & we most importantly make first aid fun. Oh, and we work around you and your farms schedules.

We manage breaks around you needing to skip out, hay the cows or fetch the sheep from the field.

Bill Williams

Bill Williams

CEO & Founder

“I am a senior Technician working on frontline ambulances, responding to 999 calls from the public. I have worked as both a solo responder and as part of an ambulance crew for over 17 years, and I worked with the fire brigade for 10 years. I also have experience of providing first aid cover at private functions and public events. Using this experience I have branched out into teaching First Aid.

I feel that the knowledge and experience I have gained is invaluable and I am very enthusiastic about passing on these vital skills to my students. I have completed my level 3 qualification in Education and Training. I am continually seeking new opportunities to expand my teaching portfolio. I am immensely proud to announce that that I recently completed my Mental Health Instructors course which I am very passionate about as this is a very underestimated illness. I will always strive to increase my skills and knowledge to deliver the absolute best first aid training to students.”

Clare Williams

Clare Williams

CEO & Founder

“I have been working as a Paramedic on frontline ambulances for the past 8 years, after previously working in the ambulance emergency operations centre as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. I have supported many newer members of staff and gained a qualification in mentorship. I have also learned and developed skills in minor injuries and illnesses. These extra skills and knowledge of the organisation of frontline emergency services will help me provide a rounded knowledge of first aid assessment and treatment.

I am always looking to increase my portfolio, this includes studying at University and I have recently qualified as Advanced Clinical Practitioner (“ACP”) within the A&E department, working alongside doctors and consultants to further develop my portfolio of medical knowledge. The experience working with emergency department doctors will greatly benefit delegates on their first aid course.”

Farming is a hazardous industry, because farmers and farm workers work with potentially dangerous machinery, vehicles, chemicals, livestock, at height or near pits and silos. They are exposed to the effects of bad weather, noise and dust.

Injuries and illness can ruin lives and businesses.

If someone is with a person that has an accident they tend to panic because they don’t know what to do. And often it’s what not to do that’s the most important thing to learn.In most cases the best thing you can do is call for help, offer reassurance and encourage the injured person to stay still until medical assistance arrives.

Certain things that someone might instinctively do can cause more damage to the casualty. For example, removing a heavy object off a casualty after a prolonged entrapment when this can actually worsen their condition.

Taking a first-aid course will leave you with the confidence of knowing what to do should a situation arise – and it could lead to you saving someone’s life.

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